Duo 13

In 2002, I played some gigs with a singer in a small touristic city nearby Brasília named Pirenópolis. The guitar player was Felix Junior, which I had known him a couple months before. We played some instrumental tunes at the beginning of the concert and we got amazed because we interacted pretty well since the very first tune.

I got really impressed because it seamed we could read one each other’s mind. I remember that, when playing a tune, I would think “it would be nice if we make a dynamic here” and Felix would play it without any notice.

On that weekend I invite him to form a duo. Because he plays 7-string guitar and I used to play a 6-string bass, the perfect name would be Duo 13.

We played together for 2 years before recording our album on 2007. Because we usually played with no rehearsals, we decided to keep the same idea for the album. Obviously, we rehearsed for the recording, especially because some tunes were challenging, but we left several spots unarranged to allow us to follow our instincts when playing.


Featured tracks



Salseira is a Felix Junior’s composition. Based on a salsa groove, it has an intricated and energetic melody that turns into a samba on the B part. I confess that I had to practice a lot to be able to play the melody with him. Especially the phrase right before the solo section. I have never played a phrase as complicated as that one.

For the solo section, we decided to dilute the groove and rebuilt it to reach the melody again. This brings a nice tension curve to the performance.


I composed Num Quarto Só at the same city Felix and I formed the Duo 13. I like to travel to Pirenópolis to rest for a little and once I decided to spend a whole week alone. Just me, my bass and my acoustic guitar. The melody came easily and I knew I would record it with Felix Junior.