If I Should Lose You – Two-bass version

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Aos nossos filhos – Ivan Lins e Vitor Martins

Yesterday I recorded a short video on my mobile to advertise a concert I will play in a couple weeks. I recorded “Aos nossos filhos,” by Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins. Because of this recording, I spent some time working on the melody and the bass line to get at least a decent video and the tune got stuck in my mind.

Today, when I got my bass for my daily practicing routine, I started playing “Aos nossos filhos” on my fretless and decided to record it again. I grabbed my camera, plugged my bass in the recorder and bam!!! That is it. First shot!

Aos nossos filhos’ lyrics is a letter that someone leaves for their kids. It is a kind of farewell letter. At the beginning, the writer apologize for some mistakes they might have made during the kids’ childhood. “Forgive me the cranky faces.” The letter evolves to a celebration request when the writer asks the kids to celebrate anything they achieve. To me, the most beautiful excerpt in the lyrics is “quando colherem os frutos, digam o gosto pra mim”, that is close to “whenever you harvest the fruits (of anything you achieve), tell me how they taste.”

Although it is a letter from an adult for their kids, I think it can also be a letter from a kid for their parents. This is how I picture the lyrics. Thus, here is my tribute to my parents, especially to my dad who is not here anymore.

Perdoem a cara amarrada
Perdoem a falta de abraço
Perdoem a falta de espaço
Os dias eram assim

Perdoem por tantos perigos
Perdoem a falta de abrigo
Perdoem a falta de amigos
Os dias eram assim

Perdoem a falta de folhas
Perdoem a falta de ar
Perdoem a falta de escolha
Os dias eram assim

E quando passarem a limpo
E quando cortarem os laços
E quando soltarem os cintos
Façam a festa por mim

E quando lavarem a mágoa
E quando lavarem a alma
E quando lavarem a água
Lavem os olhos por mim

Quando brotarem as flores
Quando crescerem as matas
Quando colherem os frutos
Digam o gosto pra mim
Digam o gosto pra mim

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