Hamilton Pinheiro is a highly regarded musician, recognized for his skills as bassist, composer, arranger, music producer and music educator.

Hamilton Pinheiro (2)
Festival de Música Instrumental de Cavalcante (GO)

Pinheiro was born in a coastal city in Brazil’s northeastern named Natal. At the age of ten he had his first contact with music by learning his first songs on an old acoustic guitar. Despite he enjoyed playing the guitar, he wanted to play the drumset. Curiously, the destiny brought the bass guitar into his life in an unexpected way.

His older brother used to play the guitar in a rock band and once brought Hamilton Pinheiro to a rehearsal. On that day Pinheiro could see and listen to a musical instrument that he only had seen on pictures. It was the bass guitar. His first thought was “how can someone play an instrument with such a weird tone?” The oddness turned into curiosity and he tried the “weird” instrument. After that first experience, whenever possible Pinheiro would attend the band’s rehearsals just to play the bass during the rehearsal’s break. A few times after, the bass guitar became his life companion.

In 1990, at the age of 16, Hamilton Pinheiro started his professional career as a musician playing in several local bands. At that time, he developed his bass skills mostly by taking tips from friends and by observing other players. In 1995, he took harmony and improvisation lessons, which opened his eyes to instrumental music.

Hamilton moved to Brasília (the Brazil’s capital) in 1996 and attended the Escola de Música de Brasília. In parallel with his bass studies, he also did Arranging and Music Production courses. The period at Escola de Música de Brasília settled the bases for his musical career.

Hamilton Pinheiro (1)
Carlos Malta and Hamilton Pinheiro

Hamilton Pinheiro earned his bachelor’s degree in music education from Universidade de Brasília and his master’s degree in jazz performance from University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA). He has played and recorded with several musicians such Célia Rabelo, Leonel Laterza, Carlos Malta, Juninho di Sousa, Paulo André Tavares, Hermeto Pascoal, Allen Pontes, Ivanildo Sax de Ouro, Dominguinhos, Lúcia de Maria, Lidi Satier, Vanessa Pinheiro, Paula Nunes, Renato Vasconcellos, Phil DeGreg, Diogo Monzo, Marcos Farias, Eduardo Neves, Hamilton de Holanda, grupo Dois de Ouro, Rosa Passos, Lula Galvão, Thiago Fernandes, Paulinho Beissá, Ebinho Cardoso, Armandinho Macedo, Anne Walsh, Paul Lieberman, Alexei Tsiganov and Michael Tracy, among others.

As a session musician and music producer/arranger, Hamilton Pinheiro has specialized in Brazilian genres and has recorded/produced around 80 albums. His work has been recognized by his creativity and sensibility when conducting projects and he is acclaimed by extracting the best performance from the musicians he works with in studio.

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Photo by Renata Samarco

Pinheiro has four solo albums: Altos e Baixos (2004), Duo 13 (2007) – with 7-strings acoustic guitar player Felix Júnior, Galinha Caipira Completa (2009) – with Galinha Caipira Completa, and Quatro (2016).