When are we going to change?

Okay, I agree this might be a grumpy man’s post. Maybe not.

I confess that I’m just tired of the same s*** on internet. Posts and more posts making fun of bass players’ wives/girlfriends. I’m tired of scrolling my Instagram feed and finding memes of a women complaining that their partners bought a new bass. I’m tired of getting memes on my Whatsapp of women crying because their partners are not thinking on them. I’m tired of scrolling my Facebook page and finding the same s*** all the time. When are we going to change?

Okay, I might be grumpy. I know. All those memes are funny.

I truth that you, people who post and share those memes, are good guys. I agree that those memes are just jokes and they do not reflect your own believes. I truth that you are just sharing this type of content because social media sites are places to have fun.

Okay, I might be grumpy. Maybe not.

Have you ever realized that you can be contributing to destroy women’s strengths when posting/sharing those kind of memes? Have you ever realized that, although you are just kidding and you actually don’t believe on what is written on the memes, you are hurting someone?

“He does not answer me. He might be with another woman.” “I need to nail this solo.” To me, this meme just says women are always afraid of adulterous relationships.


“If I buy a new bass, she will divorce me. I will say it is the church’s bass, lol” If you imagine a woman saying the same words, it would sound totally nonsense.


“Did you say perfection?” I have never seen this kind of comment on a male bass player’s picture. It seem her beauty surpasses her musicality.


“Is he thinking on me?” “Should I buy a new set of strings or a new bass?” Again, stating that women only think of love.

I confess that 15 or 20 years ago I would be the guy who shares those memes. I changed my mind when I watched the video below in a course during my undergraduate at Universidade de Brasília. Watching this video made me realize that every single word used to depreciate someone regarding their gender, race, origin, social condition, religion or any other segregating classification hurts their self esteem even without any intend. On the day I watched the video below, I erased all those kind of jokes from my vocabulary and started to realize how violent they are.


Okay, someone can argue that the video above is related to a racial issue that happened in the United States during a specific period and that it does not relates to husband/wife relationship. Really? Please, watch the video below.

Yes, my friend. I might not be that grumpy man.

Like it or not, the truth is that all those “funny” memes hurt someone’s self esteem. They can annihilate women’s strengths in a level that they can never recover again. Let’s change?